Susan Boyle Tops Whitney AND The Beatles

As I was saying, “we make the stars.”

Susan-boyle-at-home-pic-sm-473686870 CNN reports on the pending arrival of Scottish singer and YouTube sensation Susan Boyle’s album:

The Scottish star’s debut album, “I Dreamed A Dream,” has sensationally topped the online-retail charts, quite a feat considering her record is not even being released until November 24.

Thousands of eager fans have already pre-ordered the record on, just days after the release was announced.

That’s resulted in Boyle’s climbing to the top of the charts, beating heavy hitters Whitney Houston and the Beatles to the top spot.

A pre-release version of Boyle’s cover of the Stone’s “Wild Horses” has found its way on to the web. It’s not exactly rock & roll, but it does make you wonder what exactly is it about this woman’s voice that is so stirring.

Of course, anybody can top the Beatles in downloads, since the Beatles remain “a band so obscure you can’t find their music on iTunes.”Or anywhere else in the Celestial Jukebox, for that matter (unless you upload them yourself to