Ten out of Tenn Redux!

TOT Nashville. Music City USA. Most people think cowboy hats and honky tonks. However, those who really know Nashville know it’s one of the best emerging artist scenes in the country. A community of artists making their own unique brands of diverse, organic pop music in the shadows of today’s slick commercial country music industry. At the forefront of this community are ten artists who have banded together to form Ten Out Of Tenn, a collective of incredibly talented friends who, as individual artists, have released over thirty albums, had song placements in countless television programs & films and shared the stage with musicians such as REM, Sarah McLachlan and John Mayer. No longer spinning their wheels on their own, the artists now travel down the highway together in one tour bus.

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If there wasn’t so much going on in Nashville this week (like Americana Conference, which I get to go to because I was around when it started ten years ago…) I’d seriously consider driving up to Kville to see this. It’s THAT IMPORTANT and THAT GOOD.