Poor iPod, Your 15 Minutes of Fame Are Almost Over

The Browser is the iPod/Phone, UK Version:

While we're on the subject of bandwidth hogs, here's a new one, just launched in the UK.  Billed in some circles as stiff competition for Spotify, UK-based tech blog "Electric Pig" compares the two, beginning with:

1. Sky Songs is web-based
Spotify is a fantastic service, but it has one fatal flaw: you need to use the Spotify application to access its musical treasure trove. That means, for most people, they’re unable to use it at work. PCs and Macs that’re locked-down by corporate IT departments can’t tap into Spotify’s streaming sounds, but because Sky Songs works through any web browser, it’s always available… unless your miserly IT team block its URL.

Of course, if you work from home, that's not gonna be problem.  In any event, the SkySongs approach restates something that I've been stressing for a while now: that in the new paradigm, "the browser is the iPod."

No_ipod In fact, since I started using Lala.com and my "Celestial Jukeox" configuration in my office at home, I have almost abandoned my old iPod.  I used to use to listen to instrumental music while I'm writing (I don't know about you, but I find it hard to listen to somebody else's lyrics while I'm trying to compose my own sentences…) But now I'm sending music from my browswer to the Aiport Express and the WiFi signal via Airfoil to my stereo, I've just about abandoned my iPod.

I still use the iPod function of my iPhone, but only in the car, and then I'm usually listening to podcasts.  When I want music, lately I'm using the mobile apps on the iPhone. 

Poor iPod, your fifteen minutes of fame are almost over.