How To Make Lala Your Music Player of Choice

Here's another blogger's take on how to set up your computer as a "celestial jukebox"


Lala has become my music player of choice, simply because it is, as far as I know, the most affordable way to purchase music on the Internet. I’ve reviewed the Lala music player for another site, and an how-to article has been published here on MUO.

Lala has become my main jukebox and is used ten times more than I use iTunes. With my setup, it doesn’t take much effort to access my Lala account. This article explains the method I use as a Mac user. I’m sure there are similar applications for PC users.


I agree with most of the concepts offered here.  I've only discovered the "Fluid" application for creating "Site Specific Browsers" in the past couple of weeks myself, but haven't quite adapted to some of the applications idiosyncrasies.  It keeps wanting to throw links into my default browser (rather than opening a tab in the SSB) and is also not compatible with 1Password, without which I would probably not be able to login to anything.  I do recommend Airfoil, though, as an indispensable component of any such system.