Now Playing on the Celestial Jukebox: Nashville Icon Guy Clark

Guy Clark is something of a legend in Nashville.  Some of his songs have broken through the public consciousness, like Jerry Jeff Walker’s rendition of “L.A. Freeway,” but outside of Nashville, Guy Clark is something of a secret treasure.   


Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends, Tamara Saviano, asked people to suggest songs and artists to record them for a Guy Clark tribute album that she is producing. As I scrolled the list of suggestions, I had to admit to myself that that while I’ve been living in Nashville for more than 15 years and I know of OF Guy Clark, I don’t really KNOW Guy Clark as well as I should.  So I decided to go into (yes, it’s still there, despite Apple having acquired the company over the weekend…) and avail myself to as much Guy Clark as I can get my ears around today. 

And, thanks to the widget-wizardry of and the Internets (hey, that could be a band name!), you all can listen along with me, starting with his most recent album, “Somedays the Song Writes You:” 

Somedays The Song Writes You -…

Photo above of Guy Clark performing “The Randall Knife” at the Next Big Nashville Songwriter Session at the Country Music Hall of Fame in October, 2009.