Merry Merry: Keith Medley

Here’s a Christmas Eve post (redundant for those of you who’ve already seen it via my Facebook page, but new to some…) – a video of Keith Medley and his 27 string harp guitar. I was introduced to Keith a couple months ago by Jon Grimson, who produced this video:

I got to see Keith Medley perform for the first time in the lobby the Frist Museum in Nashville last night. Quite stirring, a wonderful way to start the holiday weekend.

Keith Medley at The Frist

I have been struggling for 40+ years to make sense of the six strings on a conventional six-string guitar. It’s quite sobering to watch an hear somebody weave musical magic with twenty-seven strings.

You can listen to Keith’s entire CD “Ancestors” – an read stories of the songs’ origins -from his website. I strongly suggest you do.