“Fan Engagement” Redefined: Paul Simon Dissolves the Proscenium

If you have read anything I’ve written here in the last two years, then you will already understand how a moment like this defines the New Paradigm:

This is the highest expression of “fan engagement” I’ve ever seen. A moment like this demonstrates that the music belongs to all of us now. We all belong to the tribe, and the “rock stars” of yesterday are the “chiefs” of today (and tomorrow).

Like the woman in this video, I grew up learning to play guitar by listening to Simon and Garfunkel songs. That might just as well have been me. It could have been any one of probably hundreds of people in the audience.

Now, I really do think I’m going to have to stand outside the Ryman with a fistful of dollar bills and try to get tickets to see Paul Simon when he plays there tomorrow night…

(More commentary from Rob Boilen at NPR’s All Songs Considered here.)