@TheRealJanisIan at the 2013 Grammys (Pre-telecast)

It says “Arts” at the top of the page… that’s an word that is so often overused because it is so ill defined. This is as good a definition as any I’ve heard, so I’m putting a pin in it here:

“Artists…. are the last alchemists. We reach out in to thin air and we grab your hopes, your dreams, your deepest desires, and we turn them into something you can see, or hear, or touch or sing back to yourselves…”

This didn’t make it to the actual “Awards” telecast… a lot of the good stuff never does…

Also, Janis won the Grammy for “Best Spoken Word Album” for “Society’s Child” — a reading of her autobiography, which is an outstanding read in any medium or format. The category also included the likes of Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama. But they didn’t broadcast that category during the prime time telecast, either.