@AmandaPalmer Nails It @TedTalks

After raising more than a million dollars with a Kickstarter campaign last year, Amanda Palmer (aka “Amanda Fucking Palmer” – just had to get that in…) delivered what some are saying was the highlight of this year’s TED Conference:

One highlight – among many in a very touching and effective talk – is where, near the end, she discusses the shit-storm that erupted when she asked performers to join her on stage during tour without offering any of her $1-MM Kickstarter money in compensation.

Harkening back to her days as a street performer (she was a “living statue,” which she also discusses and describes in the talk) she describes how the critics reminded her of the people who would drive by her on the street and shout “get a job.”

After you listen to her describe in intimate detail how she got there, the very organic connections that resulted in a $1-MM raise, you get a much better sense of how some people just don’t get it and likely never will.