How Many Barcamps Have You Been To?

bcnlogoAs anybody who follows my Facebook/Instagram feed knows all to well, I had the privilege last week of being the “In-Kind Sponsor” for Barcamp Nashville 2013. All I had to do was photograph the entire day long event. Which, frankly, was a blast.

As I mentioned in a post (before I carpet-bombed my own feeds with photos…) Barcamp has always been something of a landmark event in my personal reckoning, after I attended the first one in 2007 – an event that marked the beginning of my emergence from years of seclusion and book authoring.

Probably because I mark my own involvement with Barcamp from the very first one in 2007, I got the idea early that morning to start asking the people who were working on and attending this year’s event “How Many Barcamps have you been to…?”

The answers appear in the slide show below. Hover your cursor over the top of the frame to see the suspects’ names.