Fun w/ #GoT (Game of Thrones)

Is this all that is left of #CasterlyRock? #westeros #GameOfThrones #GoT #digest #WinOrDie #fantasy #medieval #middleages #ironthrone @acastofkings #scotland

This is one of the many photos I brought back from my trip to England and Scotland in May, 2013. It’s a ruin called Tantalon Castle, on the Midlothian coast east of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’ve been having a little fun with Intagram and my recent fixation with the HBO show, “Game of Thrones.”

OK, “fixation” might be understating the case a bit. It’s more of a full on, clinical obsession. I need a 12-step program. I am powerless over Game of Thrones and….

So I’ve been digging through my ‘medieval fortress’ catalog, and then using an app called WordSwag to add quotations from the show, and then tag the hell out of the Instagram post to appeal to other #GoT fans – of which there seem to be many on Instagram (as there are, everywhere).

Results of the effort to date are mixed, but, then, I’ve only posted like three items, I think consistency is probably the key to getting more new followers.