x2010 Axioms

Clever things I keep repeating:

“The greatest myth of the “do it yourself” era is…. actually doing it yourself.”

“The most productive day of any week is always… tomorrow.”

“Digital label” is an oxymoron: you can’t paste a ‘label’ on a stream of digits and electrons.

“if you are still looking for a ‘new business model,’ you are probably still living in the old model.”

“Disruptive people are an asset” (Bob Lutz)

“Experience is the unique human capacity to recognize your mistakes when you make them again.”

The Law of Digital Supply and Demand: “If your supply is virtually infinite, it doesn’t matter what the demand is, pretty soon the price is going to be something approaching zero.”

“When people go through their day staring at their mobile handsets, ‘being in the moment’ is a thing of the past.” (Ann Schatzkin)

“The Internet may be a great realization of all that high technology has to offer, but it still takes a lot of ‘hand cranking’ to get anything done with it.”

“Having a good idea is one thing. Having a good idea and making it work is everything.”

“If you know a little more than the next guy, that makes you the’ expert’.”

“It used to be that you toured in support of your album; now you give away your album in support of your tour.”

“In the digital applications development, what was once exotic, custom, and costly, will soon be common place, off the shelf, and free.”

“An ‘entrepreneur’ is any body who will do whatever it take to avoid having a ‘real’ job. If you are a ‘musician’, that means you, too, are an entrepreneur.”

“Content is NOT ‘King'” At best, it’s a calling card.”