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Meet “Powerglove”

Well, this is fun. File it under “62-year-old acoustic folkie, goes heavy metal.”

Powerglove, the heavy-metal band whose show I caught the last few minutes of at MTAC last Friday, is using one of the photos I shot for their Facebook cover photo: Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 8.40.07 AMNear as I can tell, Powerglove’s metier is heavy metal versions of your favorite TeeVee and cinema theme songs. Get a gander on their version of “The Fllintstones”:

There’s more where that came from – an album called “Saturday Morning Apocalypse.”

Yeah, I think the kids are having more fun than we did. I just hope their hearing holds up…




@MTAC 2013

If you’re looking fMTAC-1or the photos I shot Friday night at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention in downtown Nashville, you can find them here.

I’ve also compiled a little video slideshow…

Clearly, these kids (?) are having a much better time than I did when I was their age. Which was, umm… like 40 years ago… when we were worried about staying out of a war… Oh, wait…