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Probing the Mysteries of Visionaries and Inventors

Paul Schatzkin is an extraordinary storyteller and the author of two gripping biographies that explore the mysteries of 20th-century science. His work delves deepy into the realms of magical inventions that have shaped our world.

Coming soon: the audiobook version.

In his first book, Paul drills into the historically pivotal – yet mostly forgotten – story  of Philo T. Farnsworth, The Boy Who Invented Television. Schatzkin traces Farnsworth’s journey from the quantum origins of television to the threshold of humanity’s elusive, next frontier – clean, safe, and unlimited energy from controlled nuclear fusion. 

In his second book, Schatzkin explores the enigmatic life of T. Townsend Brown. In a narrative that hovers in the Venn-diagram-intersection between science, science fiction and pseudo-science, The Man Who Mastered Gravity suggests the tantalizing possibility that advanced technologies like gravity control have disappeared behind a curtain of international intrigue. 

Described as a visionary, gadfly, and serial entrepreneur, Paul’s dynamic background adds a unique flavor to his storytelling. From an Emmy Award-nominated video editor to launching Nashville’s first Internet music business in the 1990s, his journey spans across diverse landscapes. Born in New York City and raised in Springsteen Country (Monmouth County, NJ), Paul brings a blend of creativity, resilience, and purpose to his work.

Paul’s collective work suggests that Farnsworth and Brown were on the cusp of technologies – fusion energy and gravity control – that remain just out of reach for 21st-century humans. Are these the keys to unlocking the mysteries of advanced civilizations traversing the galaxy? Paul has already left his mark on several highly-ratred podcasts, including:

…and will be featured on a future episode of Jesse Michels popular American Alchemy YouTube channel. 

As a captivating speaker and storyteller, Paul bridges the gap between science and imagination. His insights into the lives of these obscure scientists and the cosmic frontiers they approached make for an enthralling podcast episode. If you’re intrigued by the intersection of science, history, and the unexplored possibilities of the universe, Paul Schatzkin is the guest your audience will be eager to listen to.

Invite Paul Schatzkin to your podcast and let your audience explore the cosmic frontiers of science, innovation, and the untold stories that shape our world. Unleash the curiosity of your listeners and dive into a conversation that transcends time and space.

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