Links For My ACA Friends

A scene from the movie version of "Brigadoon"

So that I could just put it all in one place…

Little Green Boat – the poem I mentioned I wrote that describes how everybody in the neighborhood knew what was going on except us kids.

Eulogy for Harvey Schatzkin – delivered by his physician at the funeral none of the kids attended.

First Darlings – There is a book (or something) in the works with all this material, built around the letters that Harvey and Ellen wrote to each other in 1943.  This is how the correspondence started.

Brigadoon – the Broadway musical (and film) about “…two American tourists who stumble upon a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every 100 years.”  I remember now why that storyline has stayed with me all these years:  the high school in our town did a production of Brigadoon  at the end of the semester in the spring of 1962.  It was that summer that they “sent me to camp for the summer… and moved while I was away.”

Return to Brigadoon – an essay I wrote about those years.

And for whatever amusement value it might have, here’s the trailer for the film, which was released in 1954: