The 1861 Project (2021)

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“The 1861 Project” is a collection of new, original songs inspired by the stories of the real people who fought and lived through the U.S. Civil War.

These songs were written by some of Nashville’s most accomplished songwriters, each of whom brings their own unique perspective – and in some cases ancestral experience – to their understanding of the Civil War and what it means for us now, 150 years later.

The songs were written Nashville’s finest songwriters, and recorded in a rootsy, acoustic style, resulting in a “musical historical novel” that suggests The Stanley Brothers and Alison Krauss meeting Steve Earle and Shelby Foote on the verandah at Tara.

This contemporary take on Civil War music, which will be released in July, 2011, features vocal and instrumental performances by an outstanding roster of performers that includes Nashville icons John Anderson and Marty Stuart.


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