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Welcome, Juniper Rae

If you’re wondering why no digest last week…. this is why.
Ann’s son Robert and his wife Melissa have been expecting their first child – and our first grandchild, to arrive around May 21. But May 5, word came that Melissa’s labor had begun; Ann flew up two days later, just in time to greet baby Juniper Rae Stout within hours of her birth.
I flew up to join the new family a week later, and got this photo of Ann holding the baby by a window. There’s a bit of pretzel logic going on here: I’m holding a reflector in my LEFT hand, shining the window light back from somewhere around my RIGHT hip, and I’ve got the camera cradled in my RIGHT hand, also at hip level, and firing the shutter with my thumb.
Whatever it takes to get the shot…

@shotgun49 with her first Grandchild, Juniper Rae w @milsa and @bertmcgurck