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Available Now on Audible!

The Boy Who Invented Television now on Audible

As  Philo-The-Third told me, his father – Philo T. Farnsworth The Second – had ‘two major cases in his life.

The first was electronic video.  You wouldn’t be looking at this if he hadn’t cracked that one back in the 1920s.

Over the course of the next thirty-plus years, Farnsworth gained as much first-hand knowledge about the practical workings of the quantum realm as anybody who worked at Los Alamos.  In fact, he was invited to participate in The Manhattan Project, but declined the invitation, telling his wife “I want nothing to do with building an atomic bomb.”

Instead, in the 1950s and 60s, he used his experience and singular insight to conceive and build something not even the assembled wizards at Los Alamos could fathom: a controlled nuclear fusion device, a ‘start in a jar.

This second preview from The Boy Who Invented Television recounts the moment he figured it out:

The audiobook edition is now available on Amazon or Audible.

Y’all get yer ears on!

Coming Soon: TBWIT – The Audiobook!

Coming Soon: TBWIT - The Audiobook!

More than fifty years after I first heard of Philo T. Farnsworth (in the summer if 1973)…

More than twenty years after The Boy Who Invented Television was first published…

And a year after it was re-published (after the release of The Man Who Mastered Gravity)…

There is finally going to be an audiobook edition!

Once the book was re-released last year, I considered several options for converting it to an audiobook.  I auditioned several narrators via the Audible platform at Amazon, but finally opted to do the reading myself after enlisting the production assistance of Robert Lane, the creator of a program called “Your Book, Your Voice.”

I started working with Robert back in January. It has taken the better part of the past four months to get the project done.  Each week I would read and record several chapters.  I sent the files to Robert, he edited and mastered them and uploaded them to Audible.

I found the experience of reading and recording the text quite gratifying*, to hear how the way I write sounds like the way I talk and vice-versa.

We finished all the uploads this week and have submitted the project to Audible for review.  I expect the production to go ‘live’ before the middle of May.

Keep an eye on the Amazon sales page, the audiobook will show up there the minute it’s approved.


*when I wasn’t wondering “why am I still grinding on this material, much of which I first wrote more than 50 years ago!” ‍♂️

My Family Thinks I’m Crazy

As you all know by now, it has been my privilege to be interviewed on several podcasts over the past few months, finally fulfilling my lifelong delusion that someday, somebody might think I have something interesting to say.

Well, now I am pleased to say that I have finally been featured on a podcast for reasons entirely other than my vast education, training, or experience.

This one I’m entirely qualified to be on this one just because of what it’s called:

My Family Thinks I’m Crazy. 

Here’s a link to listen via Apple Podcasts:

And here’s a link to Spotify:

This is a long one – more than two hours!  But it’s one of my favorites so far, because we cut straight to some of the broad themes that tie these mysteries together. Here’s a summary of some of the ground we covered:

Paul Schatzkin, Author and Researcher, joins me to discuss the amazing breakthroughs achieved by the Inventor of the electronic television, Philo T. Farnsworth, The Mysterious T. Townsend Brown and his revolutionary discoveries in the realm of electro-gravitics, space travel and even time travel, Paul reveals how the movie Back To The Future was directly inspired by T. Townsend Brown, with Oppenheimer doing so well in the box offices this conversation echoes Einstein’s remorse, and draws forth the possibility of dozens of other unsung marvels of technological innovation that have never had the chance to develop within our inherently destructive scientific culture of industry.

As long as I’m here, I may as well post the video clip that offers up the connections between these stories and the Back to the Future movies.  This is the very last scene in the first of the trilogy:

There are at least three elements of this scene that connect to the books I’ve written:

  1. “Mr. Fusion” – Philo Farnsworth spend the last half of his life developing a nuclear fusion process;
  2. The ‘flux capacitor’ that makes time travel possible: Townsend Brown’s ‘gravitator‘ devices were all based on capacitor technology;
  3. The ‘Doc Brown’ in the films… his full name is…. EmeTT Brown.

I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

Finally, if you have any lingering doubt that we are all living in the wrong timeline, consider this: Bob Gale, the screenwriter of all the Back to the Future movies, has gone on the record saying that the villain in the films, Biff Tanner, is actually based on…. Donald F’ing Trump.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to get ourselves jiggered into the correct timeline, where we get the keys to the Cosmic Ferrari.

Put Mr. Fusion and a Flux Capacitor in that.

Put Mr. Fusion and a Flux Capacitor in that.

Joe and Nick and… Me!

B2 Bomber

Thanks to Jesse Michels (@AlchemyAmerican) for my first “joint appearance” with @joerogan and @iamnickcook as we all speculate about the deployment of the Biefeld-Brown effect in the B2 Stealth Bomber.


The freeze frame that YouTube delivered with the embed above would not have been my fist choice, but I do think the word ‘plausible’ is incredibly apt.

I know Joe Rogan is a controversial figure for some, but I certainly have no quarrel with the man and would dearly love to spend some time talking with him, so I hope this catches his eye.

I am a long time admirer of Nick Cook and relied heavily on his deeply researched 2001 book The Hunt For Zero Point when I was trying to make sense of the Townsend Brown saga back in the ‘aughts.  Nick and I have somewhat different methodologies: he comes at this material as a hardened aviation journalist and I’m more the whimsical story teller. But we agree that there is far more to the #TTBrown narrative than meets the eye.

It is gratifying to see all these clips cut together in a way that lends some credibility to the allegation that the Biefeld-Brown effect is at work in the B2, despite the government’s frequent denials.

‘Tis the (new) Season ?

Winter: it’s the season that goes on as long as you can possibly endure it* … and then it goes on a while longer.

Apparently the Bradford Pear trees up the street from me have not gotten the memo and there is going to a spring after all.


*apologies to anybody in California digging out from under twelve feet of snow, it hasn’t been nearly that bad here in middle Tennessee)

My 15 Minutes Is Has Arrived

OK, this might actually be some kind of big deal.

A  few months ago, I wrote about going out to Los Angeles to spend an afternoon with Jesse Michels about the Townsend Brown bio.

This evening, Jesse announced the video on YouTube with this:

I spent six years researching this story between 2003 and 2009, and another dozen-plus years just thinking about it until the book was published last year.  But Jesse Michels has been deep-diving into the larger, longer story of unexplained phenomena, unorthodox science and invisible frontiers for a quite a while.  I am duly impressed (if not downright in awe) of how he explores the connections between my work and the countless layers of coverup and conspiracy theories that have hovered on the edge of human consciousness and popular culture for decades if not centuries and millennia.

The whole epic production runs almost two hours, but if you’ve got even the slightest interest in “WTF is going on out there?” then by all means, avail yourself to the entire thing:

Also, hats off to Jan Lunquist, who latched on to the Townsend Brown saga near the end of what we call “The Before Times,” the period from 2003-2009 before I set the book aside for more than a dozen years.  Jan has kept the bit between her teeth, has doggedly stayed on top of the TTB story and reports on countless connections she has found between Brown and other off-the-books tales.  She is featured quite prominently in Jesse’s video and fills a lot of the gaps in my own investigations.

"Townsend Brown is Nikola Tesla meets the Dos Equis guy."

Money shot (well, for my money):  “Townsend Brown is Nikola Tesla meets the Dos Equis guy.”

With the release of this video – even more than the book – I think Townsend Brown is about to find a place in the discussion, and I am pleased that it’s about to become more of a ‘crowd’ effort than my solitary, two-decades pilgrimage.

In the unlikely event that you are seeing all this for the first time, you can find The Man Who Mastered Gravity on

And I’ll leave you with this quote from Jesse near the end of the video:

“The smartest people are working on the dumbest problems.”

Ya think?

Hey Kids, That’s Me Up On the Pod-Box (Again)

Well kids, I’m at it again.

It’s actually been a couple of months since I recorded this.  The producers took their time adding some visual effects to the YouTube version above, and it was finally unleashed on the world today (Thurs Jan 18 ’24).

FWIW, I’m working on with a ‘virtual assistant’ – would you believed based in Pakistan? – who is pitching me for more podcast conversations like this.  If you care to read the pitch, find it here.

Better yet, if you host a podcast, contact us here. 

And if you just want to listen to the audio-only version of the podcast, you can find that here:

Thank you for your time and attention.