My Family Thinks I’m Crazy

As you all know by now, it has been my privilege to be interviewed on several podcasts over the past few months, finally fulfilling my lifelong delusion that someday, somebody might think I have something interesting to say.

Well, now I am pleased to say that I have finally been featured on a podcast for reasons entirely other than my vast education, training, or experience.

This one I’m entirely qualified to be on this one just because of what it’s called:

My Family Thinks I’m Crazy. 

Here’s a link to listen via Apple Podcasts:

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This is a long one – more than two hours!  But it’s one of my favorites so far, because we cut straight to some of the broad themes that tie these mysteries together. Here’s a summary of some of the ground we covered:

Paul Schatzkin, Author and Researcher, joins me to discuss the amazing breakthroughs achieved by the Inventor of the electronic television, Philo T. Farnsworth, The Mysterious T. Townsend Brown and his revolutionary discoveries in the realm of electro-gravitics, space travel and even time travel, Paul reveals how the movie Back To The Future was directly inspired by T. Townsend Brown, with Oppenheimer doing so well in the box offices this conversation echoes Einstein’s remorse, and draws forth the possibility of dozens of other unsung marvels of technological innovation that have never had the chance to develop within our inherently destructive scientific culture of industry.

As long as I’m here, I may as well post the video clip that offers up the connections between these stories and the Back to the Future movies.  This is the very last scene in the first of the trilogy:

There are at least three elements of this scene that connect to the books I’ve written:

  1. “Mr. Fusion” – Philo Farnsworth spend the last half of his life developing a nuclear fusion process;
  2. The ‘flux capacitor’ that makes time travel possible: Townsend Brown’s ‘gravitator‘ devices were all based on capacitor technology;
  3. The ‘Doc Brown’ in the films… his full name is…. EmeTT Brown.

I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

Finally, if you have any lingering doubt that we are all living in the wrong timeline, consider this: Bob Gale, the screenwriter of all the Back to the Future movies, has gone on the record saying that the villain in the films, Biff Tanner, is actually based on…. Donald F’ing Trump.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to get ourselves jiggered into the correct timeline, where we get the keys to the Cosmic Ferrari.

Put Mr. Fusion and a Flux Capacitor in that.

Put Mr. Fusion and a Flux Capacitor in that.