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What A Fucking Racket – You’re Screwed Edition

Were you dutifully waiting for tickets for Paul McCartney to go on sale this morning at 10AM?

Overlay-McCartney-2013Tough noogies, sucker.

Yes, I already have tickets to see Paul McCartney at the Bridgestone Arena on June 25.

But, like a lot of people, I went to Ticketmaster.com this morning when the box office “opened” at 10AM to see if any seats were still available.

I entered the only options the website permitted: QTY (2), Ticket Type (Full Price, whatever that means), Price & Section (Best Available), and clicked “Search.”

And the site tells me “High demand! No matches…” Here, see for yourself:

That's right, the box office JUST OPENED and there are NO TICKETS.

As I fully suspected would be the case, the box office just opened… and there are NO TICKETS at any price other than the Premium packages which are $700 – $2,000 EACH.

I feel badly that I actually have tickets – but only because I first went off on this rant when I saw that somebody had scored tickets in a presale offer earlier in the week. That same somebody – bless her heart – took pity on my whining soul and shared the secret password with me yesterday so that I could get in and get seats while they were still available. It was $100/ea for seats near the rafters, but it’s inside the arena, which was all I really cared about. I figure the sound is gonna be awful wherever I sit (the sound at the Bridgestone Arena is always gawdawful), and I’ve got some really powerful binoculars.

So I will have my “once in a lifetime” experience.

I’m 63 years old. I’ve never seen/heard a Beatle sing Beatles songs with my own eyes (my wife has seen/heard the Beatles, in Dallas in 1965. Well, she saw them. She says she couldn’t actually hear a thing through all the screaming. And she forgot her contacts, so she didn’t really see them either…).

Now I guess I will have that opportunity, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

But only because providence – and a kind friend – shined upon me and I found a way to ‘game the system.’ I know a lot of others were not nearly so fortunate.

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Update at 11:00 AM. As of a few minutes ago there ARE in fact some seats available on the website. However, it appears that the ONLY seats that are available now are the $297.82 seats on the floor or in the lower level of seating. Less expensive seats in the mezzanine or “nosebleed” levels are indeed sold out.

McCartney2So, yeah, I suppose you can argue that the show is not entirely sold out before the box office opened. But if you thought you might be able to get inside the arena with a mate for something less than a month’s rent, well then, sorry. The show was sold out before the tickets went on sale.