Let There Be Art: Photos At Chromatics Gallery in Nashville

I still find it equal parts surprising and gratifying when somebody wants to hang one of my photos on a wall somewhere. Especially when it’s in, like, you know… and actual art gallery.

The first photo I ever had displayed in a gallery was several years ago when Chromatics – Nashville’s pre-eminent photo-finishing lab – displayed one of theruined abbey photos I brought back from Ireland in 2006. How fitting that I should remember that on St. Patrick’s Day…

Right now, The Second Floor Gallery at Chromatics is hosting an exhibition of various media depictions of “Natural Reflections.” I have not one but photos TWO hanging in the exhibit, which is open until June 26.

This one is called “Let There Be Light” and features my photo-muse, Pru Clearwater dancing with the sunset.



And this one is just called, well… “Balls.”

Portland, Oregon November 2011(Click the thumbnails to ’embiggen.’)

The exhibition at Chromatics is open until June 26, if you’re in the neighborhood (Dury’s, Plaza Art Supply…) I hope you’ll stop by and check it out.