Clearer Now?

Trying to cope with WTF is going in Iraq and Syria?

I generally don’t do political commentaries here. I kinda gave that up after waxing forth at great length in The Weekly Screed during the 2004 election cycle. Bush was re-elected (or was he re-un-elected?) so it was pretty obvious nobody was paying attention to my brilliant dissertations, so I just went back to whatever else I was doing at the time (which was mostly writing an incomprehensible/unfinishable book).

But I just read Andrew Sullivan trying to come to grips with whatthefuck President Obama is doing in the MIddle East now, and that reminded me of this clear and simple explanation, which I found recently on another site:

Middle East Explained_0

Yeah, I understand now. Nobody knows from nuthin, just drop some bombs somewhere.

I sympathize with Sullivan’s conclusion:

I feel, I have to confess, helpless in the face of this – and my job requires me to understand these issues as well as anyone. What of other Americans, going on with their lives, struggling to make ends meet much of the time, barely able to digest what’s left of the news? It’s a recipe for passivity and acceptance, as the CIA and the Pentagon and their myriad lobbyists and fear-mongers do what they want – with no accountability even for war crimes, let alone policy mistakes.

Unlike Andrew, “it’s not my job, señor…” to make sense of what strikes me as essentially senseless (of course, I’m not sure just what my ‘job’ is but that’s a topic for a different post altogether…) I am struggling to understand how Obama has morphed into Bush Redux. I wonder “do they know something that we don’t know” (and why aren’t they telling us?) and how does the Congress and the sheeple let him get away with starting yet another undeclared, and likely endless war in an area that is perfectly capable of tearing itself apart without US intervention?

And yet life goes on… and we all have really important things to do. T

Like me, I’m waiting for the Comcast guy. He’s supposed to be here any minute now.. well sometime before 5 PM…

I guess that’s better than a beheading. At least when he leaves I’ll be able to watch the videos.