Notes to the Weekly Digest – October 29, 2014

Greetings, Faithful Readers…

A "selfie" of sorts, my shadow cast by the lights of Fountains Abbey

That’s my shadow, cast on the walls of the ruins by the lights at Fountains Abbey

You know that announcement you hear just after your flight has landed? The one that says “please remain in your seats until the plane has come to a complete stop… be careful when opening the overhead bins as your luggage may have shifted…” ?

That’s kinda what the last week has been like. The “re-entry” was rough for a number of reasons. It has taken until this the past couple of days for the jet-lag to wear off. This experience makes me wonder how my traveling troubadour friends really do it. I mean, there were several occasions when all I wanted was to put my head on my own pillow and wake up in my own damn bed…

I have finally started going through the photos. Yes, there are more than 15,000 files but among them are many duplicates, since I both bracketed (multiple frames at different exposure values) and applied my camera’s “Art Filters” features to record a variety of effects with each exposure. So sometimes a single ‘set up’ would result in as many as 10 files.

As I’ve been going through the files I’ve been posting the ones I like to Instagram, which in turn posts them here and then to Facebook and Twitter. When you see a post with the header ‘This Just Caught My Eye’ – that’s one that has found it’s way across the digital ether from Instagram to this website. What I’ve typically done is go in on Wednesday mornings before the “Digest” goes out and editing those entries with a more useful subject line and body copy than Instagram typically allows.

There’s a LOT more to come. And, for those of you who have joined this list since seeing my work at the “O” Gallery in the Arcade during the First Saturday Art Crawls, you may be pleased to learn that I have returned with a LOT of material that will lend itself quite nicely to the ‘Portals of Stone’ theme you have seen hanging there.

So bear with me, the plane has come to a complete stop now and I’m starting to unpack the bags in the overhead storage… I’ve got a LOT of stuff to share with you over the weeks ahead, so hang on to a few of your holiday shopping shekels… there should be quite a bit of new work to show at the Crawl in December…