Free “Portals” for your Computer Desktop and Mobile Gizmo

The 1861 Project
Greetings, Regular Readers and Subscribers:

This is a message that I sent out at the beginning of April to the subscribers to a new list I’ve created just for my “Portals Of Stone” collection of photoart.

Every month, I’m going to send out a pair of images from the collection in a format suitable for display as “wallpaper” on your computer desktop or mobile device.

It suddenly dawns on me that most who visit this site or subscribe to the Weekly Digest should have the same opportunity as the subscribers to my other list.

For April, I offered the following two images:

The first one is the one called “GPS Failure.” As in “Uhhh…. Honey… I don’t think the GPS is gonna do much good in another mile or so….”

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.32.22 AMClick here to download “GPS Failure.” This one is laid out in a horizontal format, and will look great on your computer desktop.

“GPS Failure” is from my expedition to the ruins in the spring of 2013. Here’s a newer one from my return in the fall of 2014: This is the ruins of the great cathedral in St Andrews, Scotland. In its day (like the middle of the 15th century) St. Andrews was the largest church in all of Scotland. Now it is (in the words of Tywin Lannister…) “just a blasted ruin…” (extra credit if you know what that line is from, or what he was referring to).

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.31.59 AMClick here to download “St. Andrews.” This one has a mostly-vertical aspect ratio, and will look great on your phone or tablet. I’ve had it on my iPhone for a week now and think it looks pretty cool.

April was the first month that I offered these files, and there will be some new ones come the first week of May. Hopefully, I’ll remember to post something here with that news.

But you might consider hoping over to and signing up for the new list over there, Let me know if there is a particular image you’d like to have configured this way.
Thanks, and see you “on the other side of the Portal…