Just How Bad Is It?

If you recognize these people, you're a "boomer."

If you recognize these people, you’re a “boomer.”

So, there’s been a lot of shit in the news lately. I have not had a whole lot to say about it.

But last night just before I went to bed, a friend posed a question on Facebook:

I am not old enough to recall another time in my life when I was so profoundly and regularly struck by how fucked up the world seems. For those with the blessing of decades greater than my own, has this happened before? Do you recall times like this? If so, how and when did it pass?

I actually found myself pondering that query as I fell asleep, and it was fresh on my mind when I woke up this morning.

So here is my answer to David, posted as an essay on Medium.com. I’ll leave it there so I don’t have to monitor/edit multiple copies.