Photo Challenge #3
Put Down The Fucking Phone!

Continuing with the Facebook Photo Challenge…

I’m really not sure what to say about this one. It was taken several years ago at the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.

The attraction is is the Super Slide (or whatever it’s called). You get a pad of canvas and slide down about 100 feet of undulating fiberglass. Wheeee…. what fun!

I’m just guessing that this is a brother and sister duo. Judging from the look on the little boy’s face, the ride was a blast. But not, apparently enough fun for his sister to put her phone down long and actually enjoy the experience.

Such is the world we live in today.

We live in an invisible ocean of information. We can find out anything in an instant.

And still we wind up with somebody like Trump…

Now excuse me while I go see if I’ve got any fresh notifications on Facebook…