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Buster Sez Hey!

I went to a show last night and saw a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in forever on accounta Covid.

I almost didn’t know about the show because apparently all the invitations were sent out via Facebook.  I’m not on Facebook any more.  Didn’t think I missed it until last night.  I still don’t think I miss it, but I had a FOMO moment.

One friend I literally hadn’t seen in two years (!) asked about Buster.  I explained that, well, I’ve already taken pictures of her in just about every imaginable setting and pose.  Also, she’s a full grown cat now, and while still adorable not the cute little kitten she started out as.

But above is one I did grab this one a couple of days ago.

The last Buster squeezed herself into that horizontal file on my desk, she was still small enough to fit.  This one is almost a year ago – Feb 28, 2021.