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A Word About This Month’s ‘Buster’

Back in May of 2020 – during the pandemic –  I got a kitten.

The woman who gave me the kitten told it was a male, and for some reason now lost to posterity I started calling him “Buster.”

When I took Buster to the vet, they informed me that the kitten was actually female.  I was relieved because snuggling a male cat seemed oddly gay to me (yeah, I know, #homophobic).

However, In the interest of gender neutrality I kept the name (does that mean I have to declare her pronouns?).

Buster is now a full grown cat,  but for the sake of those who are new to the list or missed the original posts, I think I’ll go back and use photos from the first year in the banner for the weekly(ish) ‘Buster Sez Hey!’ emails.

The one that I’m using this month (May, 2022) is from the first weekend I had her.  She’s pretty much ‘fresh outta the box’ I brought her home with in this one.

Buster Comes Home, May 28, 2020

Buster Sez Hey!

I went to a show last night and saw a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in forever on accounta Covid.

I almost didn’t know about the show because apparently all the invitations were sent out via Facebook.  I’m not on Facebook any more.  Didn’t think I missed it until last night.  I still don’t think I miss it, but I had a FOMO moment.

One friend I literally hadn’t seen in two years (!) asked about Buster.  I explained that, well, I’ve already taken pictures of her in just about every imaginable setting and pose.  Also, she’s a full grown cat now, and while still adorable not the cute little kitten she started out as.

But above is one I did grab this one a couple of days ago.

The last Buster squeezed herself into that horizontal file on my desk, she was still small enough to fit.  This one is almost a year ago – Feb 28, 2021.