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*** Wisdom From A Typewriter #69 ***

WFAT 69 - Kara Swisher

I used to think Kara Swisher is a bit of a blowhard.  I’d listen to some of her interview/podcasts and think “shut up, Kara, and let your guest talk.”  It seemed she always had more to say than whoever she was interviewing.

That is still often the case, but I’ve warmed up to her, particularly since I started listening to the Pivot podcast with Scott Galloway. I listen to Pivot mostly to hear from Galloway.  Don’t anybody tell him, but he’s a Staunch McLuhanist, too.

I found this week’s Wisdom From A Typewriter in this profile in Vanity Fair.

Also, apparently, she lives with a relative of Buster’s:

Kara Swisher, cat person

Kara Swisher, cat person


*** Wisdom From A Typewriter #68 ***

Quote from Marc Maron

From Marc Maron’s conversation with Terry Gross on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ – February 16, 2023.

That’s as good a reason as I can think of for my divorce.

Hard to believe it’s been four years already. Haven’t spoken to her since.

That’s all.

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PS: I watched Maron’s HBO special ‘From Bleak to Dark‘ last night.  A lotta laugh-out-louds.  I’ve always respected Marc Maron from a distance, never really dove into him, but after seeing this special I’m more of a fan.  He scores a lot of subtle points without the usual yelling that too many comics rely on.  He might be this generation’s George Carlin

***Wisdom From A Typewriter #65***

I was not familiar with the author Emily St. John Mandel until earlier this year when I tuned into the HBO Limited Series Station Eleven – the ‘show about a pandemic created in the middle of a pandemic.’  That series was simply one of the most compelling things I’ve watched on the TeeVee in the past year, at least.

This past week I learned – via Ezra Klein’s podcast – that Mandel (St. John Mandel?) has a released a new novel, Sea of Tranquility. 

I found this quotation in the in the first few pages.  Kinda reminds me of myself… I go through life with the pin in one had and the grenade in the other, wondering where I’m gonna toss it….

Also, it’s a perfectly sublime Sunday afternoon here in the Treehouse with Buster.  I am not missing working in the mall on weekends.

What She Said (***WFAT #63***)

I watched the first episode of HBO’s new show “The Gilded Age”  last night.  I’m not sure yet what I think of it.  It’s created by the same guy who created Downton Abbey, and I liked that, but one episode in this seems over the top and a bit fatuous.  I took a shine to Carrie Coon after The Leftovers and Fargo, but she seems wasted here in a role that is all about living in a ridiculously large house and wearing ridiculous dresses.  Granted this was the pilot episode, so maybe it gets more worthwhile from here, but the viewing was at least hearing this line.  I take a note these days whenever I see or hear the word “incorrigible.”  Every time somebody uses that word, this little demon gets his smile on 😈