New “Portals of Stone” Bullets Over Melrose

At a client’s request, I’ve been experimenting with some fresh variations on a couple of the “Portals of Stones” series.

This client and his wife, they have some personal affinity for an area of the heavens called The Orion Bulletsa portion of the nebula in the belt of the constellation Orion that is punctuated with several bright stars. They asked if I would see if I could juxtapose that area of the sky with one of my castle-and-abbey photos.

This view of Melrose Abbey is one of my favorites and I haven’t ever printed it. I’m rather taken with now that I”m seeing it with this background. Alas, this is not the choice the client made, but I might print it for myself one of these days…

The Bullets in the Nebula of Orion as seen from Melrose Abbey
#ruins in the @ScotsBorders.