Sunrise Through The Ruins – Sweetheart Abbey

I have not spent nearly as much time as I would have liked by now going through the photos I brought back from my trip to the UK last month (was it really two whole weeks ago that I returned??).

Part of the delay has been due to software issues. I made the mistake of upgrading some of my image processing plugins, and in so doing have apparently lost the use of important tool-sets that have been rearranged in the newer version. Oh, the times we live in.

I did see this one yesterday, though…

When I first tried to calculate the angle of the sunrise from this location, I thought it was going to come straight through these windows in the eastern wall into the nave/sanctuary. There must be some date when that occurs, but it wasn’t this date.

I was rather struck though by the simple colors of the sky as the sun began to rise (off to the right). When I saw the image in silhouette yesterday, I thought it would be worth sharing:

Sunrise – the East Windows of Sweetheart Abbey – October 2014@historicscotland @welovehistory @visitscotland @GreatBritain @TwitterUK @medievalworld @getolympus @abbeycottage
Sweetheart Abbey south of Dumfries, near the River Nith in south-west Scotland, was a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1275 by Dervorguilla of Galloway, daughter of Alan, Lord of Galloway, in memory of her husband John de Balliol. His embalmed heart, in a casket of ivory and silver, was buried alongside her when she died; the monks at the Abbey then renamed the Abbey in tribute to her.

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