Caerlaverock Castle and Introducing “Mr. Turner”

I am FINALLY getting into the photos form my trip to the UK back in October.

The hold up has been software related… I won’t bore you all with the details, other than to say that software I have been relying on since I started the whole “Portals of Stone” thing last year was updated, and the update didn’t work as well as the… what do you call it, the “down dated”? version.

Anyway, those issues (more more or less) resolved now and I’m starting to turn out some new “Portals” (PW <UK14> like the one above/after this post.

One upside of the recent difficulties is that I am now using a new suite of photo processing programs from Topaz Labs. One module that showed up as something of a “bonus” in the process was a new program called ‘Impression’ which lets me digitally emulate the fine-art techniques of several masters. Among them is JMW Turner…

I first learned of Turner (Wikipedia entry here; image samples here) after my first trip to Scotland in 2012. He was regarded as Britain’s premier landscape artist in the late 18th and early 19th century, and once I started looking at images of medieval ruins online, I realized a lot of the paintings I encountered from that period were by Turner.

Now it seems that “Mr. Turner” is about to undergo something of a personal renaissance – he is the title character in a feature film that will hit theaters here in the US on December 19.

I will post the trailer for that film at the top of this page in a moment. In the meantime, here is a rendering of Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries, Scotland – re-imagined as “Mr. Turner” might have painted it:

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