#Scotland: Urquhart Castle / Loch Ness


There is a lot more to the Loch Ness than the legends of some elusive sea monster hiding in her depths. It is the largest lake in Scotland, occupying a tectonic rift between the two halves of the Scottish Highlands. The loch lies just south of the historic city of Inverness, with dramatic mountains all around.
In the middle of western shore of the loch stands the ruin of Urquhart (pronounced “urkit” castle, scene of countless clashes between Highland clans from the 12th to the 17th centuries. Given its location on the famous Loch Ness, Urguhart Castle is one of the most popular destinations in the country.
The day we went to Urquhart we actuall hired a three-wheeled motorcycle with a driver/guide to squire us from our castle hotel around the loch. Yes, that whole leg of the trip was our splurge, and it was a blast. More photos here.
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