Somebody Likes Purple

glasgow street purple

Partly since I have no idea when I’ll ever get back there again, I’ve been going through some of the photos from my last trip to the UK in October, 2014.

I spent the first few days on this trip in Glasgow, mostly because I wanted to see Glasgow Cathedral after learning of its architectural semblance to the Rosslyn Chapel (which was a pivotal factor in this whole quest, for reasons that I’ve outlined elsewhere).

But I didn’t really feel comfortable the whole time I as in Glasgow. I stayed at a nice enough AirBnB not far from the Cathedral, but the city doesn’t have the kind of visual focus that Edinburgh has around its looming castle. I took the open-air, double-decker bus tour, I could see it was a vibrant and creative place, but personally I just never quite connected with it.

Nevertheless, I made a few attempts to capture some of its essence. I put on my “street photographer” hat a few times, and this is one of the results:

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